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  1. Partner in your care
    Length 00:00:00

    Pain management is a team matter

    Inform myself

    Health professional, Patient

    Text on the fact that pain is a biopsychosocial phenomenon and also addressing the fact that the optimal treatment should not be only the usual medical treatment but be more inclusive and be integrative.

    Language: French

    Reference: Moreau, Marie-Eve. Gestion de la douleur, une affaire d’équipe

    Proposed by: Réseau québécois de recherche sur la douleur. Erwan Leclair, 2020/11/17,

  2. Partner in your care
    Length 00:05:29

    Testimony of Ginette Ladouceur

    Inform myself, Integrate


    In this video, Ginette Ladouceur explains her long and difficult journey with persistent pain. She also explains how integrating pain management strategies into her daily life has changed her life.

    Language: French

    Reference: Réseau québécois de recherche sur la douleur. 2021. Témoignage de Madame Ladouceur

    Proposed by: Erwan Leclair, 2021/04/23,

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