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  1. Activity pacing
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    Juvenile Chronic Aarthritis and hysiotherapy: Living and Moving  Fr

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    Description on juvenile arthritis with advice for its management in connection with the physical activity that it is suggested to practice despite everything.

    Reference: Condé, Anny

    Proposed by: Réseau québécois de recherche sur la douleur, 2020/11/17,

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    Living with Chronic Pain  Fr

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    It is a document providing education on persistent pain and its consequences on the lives of people who suffer from it. The paper discusses the vicious circle, prevalence, who to see and some resources. The document offers some tips for improving pain management, including performing regular physical activities, managing fatigue, having healthy habits, practicing relaxation techniques, and promoting good sleep.

    Reference: Lemieux, Michèle

    Proposed by: Réseau québécois de recherche sur la douleur, 2020/11/05

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    Fibromyalgia: the Real Picture  Fr

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    Complete document on what fibromyalgia is as well as several treatment approaches and tips to better manage it, also including a list of resources.

    Reference: Membres du groupe de travail des Associations de fibromyalgie et avec la collaboration de la Chef Client du Réseau de la Santé de la compagnie Pfizer Canada.

    Proposed by: Réseau québécois de recherche sur la douleur, 2020/11/15

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    TAPMI: Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute  En

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    This website is useful both for patients, caregivers and health professionals who can learn information on persistent pain.

    Reference: Collaborateur du "Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute".TAPMI: Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute

    Proposed by: Réseau québécois de recherche sur la douleur Erwan Leclair, 2020/11/21

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