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  1. Sleep
    Length 00:00:00

    Do Your Patients Tell You They Cannot Sleep?

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    Health professional

    Andrew Koppejan, physiotherapist, discusses the importance of sleep in pain and inflammation and gives advice on sleep hygiene.

    Language: English

    Reference: Koppejan, Andrew. 2015. Vos patients vous disent-ils qu'ils ne peuvent pas dormir?

    Proposed by: Réseau québécois de recherche sur la douleur. Erwan Leclair, 2020/11/21,

  2. Sleep
    Length 00:06:30

    Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits

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    People with chronic pain often have trouble sleeping or staying asleep, wake up too soon, or feel like they never seem to get enough sleep. To improve the situation, adopt a few simple measures that cultivate good sleeping habits.

    Language: English

    Reference: Équipe ACCORD - Travailler ensemble pour la gestion de la douleur chronique. 2017. Établir de saines habitudes de sommeil

    Proposed by: Erwan Leclair, 2020/11/21

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